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The AA Mexico Visiting School is a summer workshop based in Mexico and this year we will be travelling to Oaxaca City. The workshop will be a combination of field trips to the Central Valleys of Oaxaca and a workshop in Casa de la Ciudad in the heart of Oaxaca City Centre all happening in the last 2 weeks of July 2017.

The Visiting School offers the opportunity to experience first-hand, the Architectural Association, experimental culture, in the heart of Oaxaca City. 

The workshop is open to current architecture and design students, PhD candidates and young professionals from related disciplines.

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Oaxaca City

Crafting Grounds

Wednesday 19 – Friday 28 July 2017

This year Mexico Visiting School will travel to Oaxaca City the capital of the state of same name in Mexico to survey, map, design and build landscape and architectural structures in the surrounding ravines of the city. In doing so, the Visiting School aims to engages students with new technologies related to survey, mapping design and fabrication methods influenced by local and traditional crafting techniques.These technologies will be applied into a collective built project in the ravine ‘El Pedregal’ part of the City of Oaxaca as the outcome of the workshop. The workshop will be supported by 2 institutions: ‘Casa de la Ciudad’ and ‘INSO’ which have been involved in the regeneration strategies of the ravine ‘El Pedregal’ through water and land management: water retention, collection and infiltration together with introduction of organic agriculture and permaculture techniques. The Workshop will experiment with several aerial mapping and surveying techniques to gather information on site digital data. It will compute and collect survey data into GIS and Rhino software to design and finally built an onsite small structure (steps/pavilion/view point) in tune with the site requirements.

Prominent Features of the workshop/ skills developed

Students will experiment with Aerial Mapping techniques: Drone survey, photogrammetric, structure from motion, etc. Students will also be introduced to basic skills of GIS, Rhino, grasshopper and other software to process surveys and produce 3d models of the site and designed prototypes. They will be exposed to local crafting techniques to influence and inspire the design of built structure. The workshop will be a combination of field work in the nearby ravines of Oaxaca City and workshop classes in ‘casa de la ciudad’. Oaxaca is famous for its arts & craft scene and the usage of local materials and there will be visits to local arts & crafts workshop to understand local production and manufactured processes.