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Oaxaca City


Metropolitan Landscapes Workshop


Monday 16 – Wednesday 25 July 2018


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The AA Mexico Visiting School is a summer workshop based in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Visiting School offers the opportunity to experience first-hand, the Architectural Association, experimental culture, in the heart of Oaxaca City and is open to current architecture and design students, PhD candidates and young professionals from related disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Geography.


This year the workshop will be back in Oaxaca City during Summer 2018 and will be investigating the issue of urbanisation, its interdependence on other territories and its consequences on landscapes afar. To tackle this, the workshop will use Oaxaca as the case study and Metropolitan Design as the tool to propose alternative scenarios. The methodology will be based on landscape and ecology models as the lens to achieve a systemic approach on existing urban systems and will foster critical thinking to examine their viability.

The workshop programme will be structured along the following activities:
  • Site Visits and talks that explore design at metropolitan scales through punctual/iconic projects currently happening in the city of Oaxaca: Ciudad de las Canteras, Vía Recreativa, MIO (Museo Infantil de Oaxaca), Barranca del Pedregal, Centro de las Artes, San Agustín Etla, Instituto Tonantzin Tlalli, Ejutla de Crespo, among others.
  • Lectures on the potential implementation of landscape and ecological concepts at metropolitan scales from the AA Landscape Urbanism Unit
  • Drone/Aerial mapping and other new technologies to design metropolitan landscapes.
  • Design/building of a Skate furniture/park through participation and negotiations with local skate groups and the use of ergonomic techniques supported by Casa de la Ciudad in Oaxaca City


Prominent Features of the workshop/ skills developed


  • Understanding the potential of a Metropolitan discipline to steer its design, governance, and management.
  • Understanding the role of design and designers as part of an emergence metropolitan discipline.
  • Looking at Landscape and Ecology as alternatives for a new metropolitan approach.
  • The incorporation of emergent and new technologies to tackle the main problems of metropolis:  Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual, augmented reality, specifically technologies on cartographic practices (drone survey, GIS interactive mapping,) and simulation of metropolitan dynamics (rivers and urban flows simulations)
  • The use and abuse of Big Data in metropolitan design, management, and governance.
  • Landscape approaches to the design of Green Infrastructure and integration of green biotech in their design.
  • Integration of Collaborative and sharing economies and platform into the metropolis.
  • Ruralism and consequential landscapes produced by conventional metropolitan approaches.
  • New and existing forms of ownerships and cooperation to steer alternative scenarios for the future of Oaxaca.


You will have the opportunity to experiment with: 


  • Aerial Mapping techniques such as Drone survey, photogrammetric, structure from motion, etc. Students will also be introduced to basic skills of GIS, Rhino, Grasshopper and other sofware to process surveys and produce 3d digital. –
  • Basic/open source simulating tools: Caesar River simulation, Coastal Evolution Models (cellular automata), Processing for the production of Cartographic tools.


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