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Jose Alfredo Ramirez is an architect and landscape urbanist, director of Groundlab and Co-Director of the Landscape Urbanism MArch/MSc Graduate Programme at the Architectural Association.

Alfredo’s research expands the realm of landscape urbanism into contemporary cartographic practices, digital and physical simulations of landscape dynamics, landscape policies and its impact in the built environment and the concept of territory as the political aspect of Landscape Urbanism disciplines.

At Groundlab, Jose Alfredo has been key to the development of projects such as the Olympic Master Plan for London 2012, the recent redevelopment of 12 km of Santiago de Chile’s main avenue, Alameda/Providencia, into an integral transport and urban corridor and the winning proposal to redevelop Sokolniki Park, the biggest park in Moscow, among others.

Jose Alfredo has published several articles and books, including the forthcoming title ‘Towards a Territorial Praxis’ as well as given lectures on the topic of AA Landscape Urbanism, Territorial Praxis and the work of Groundlab worldwide.



Design Tutor

Clara Olóriz Sanjuán is a research and practising architect. She developed her PhD on the relationship between architecture and technology through production systems at the ETSAUN and AA. Along with her PhD research, she has contributed to several congresses and magazines and she co-directs an AA research cluster on Urban Prototypes. She teaches at AALU Masters programme and at the University of Navarra and has participated in several workshops worldwide. She is also co-directing the AA Visiting School ‘Computing Topos’ in Bilbao. Currently she works as a project leader and consultant for Groundlab in London.



Design Tutor

Gustavo Romanillos is an architect and researcher interested in the spatial analysis of urban and territorial dynamics. He completed his degree in Architecture at the ETSAM, and a Master in Geographic Information Technologies at the UCM. His research and teaching activities are being developed in different Spanish universities, Nicaragua and the UK.


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Jose Arnaud-Bello was born in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1976. He studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana and Landscape Urbanism at the Architectural Association. His practice often focuses on the transitions it produces: of text to volume, of concept to matter or of documents to stories. He realises interventions which are devised from a sustained period of research into the specifics of an environment, varying from the informal appropriation of public space in Mexico City among others.

Hesner Sanchez

Design Tutor

architect from the Universidad Iberoamericana with studies in urban planning at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona. He has worked in several companies developing architecture and urban planning projects. Co-founder of ‘Territorios Arquitectura’ focusing on projects and studies at the scale of Architecture, Place, City and Territory. He has taught classes and workshops at the Universidad Iberoamericana. Since 2011 he is part of the Mexico City Visiting School program of the AA.





has a Master in Urbanism, Landscape and Ecology and a Master in Architecture II from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design (GSD). Adriana is part of the resilience strategy team for Mexico City within the framework of the 100 Resilient Cities Program sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation in collaboration with the Secretary of the Environment (SEDEMA) of Mexico City. She is a co-founder of the  Office for Urban Resilience, an interdisciplinary organization based in Mexico City. He has been involved in the topics of urban planning, public space, mobility and water.



Alfredo is a PhD architect and urbanist. He is the Associate Dean of the School of Architecture, Art and Design from Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico.




Claudia is an architect from the Benito Juárez University in Oaxaca, occupied in urban planning and mobility. She has experience in urban project management for non-motorized mobility and dynamics of citizen participation and advocacy in private and government areas. She lives in Oaxaca (Mexico) where she works as an independent consultant on these issues. Interested in infrastructure issues for mobility, universal accessibility, road safety and gender perspective.

Juan Jose Consejo


Ecologist, M.S. at the National University, where he taught ecology for five years. He has produced several surveys, books and papers on ecology and conservation, particularly on Indian and local inhabitants’ participation, ecological politics, and planning and managing protected areas in Southeastern Mexico. He has also collaborated with national and local newspapers and magazines, radio and TV programs. Mr. Consejo is presently consultant to the IUCN National Parks and Protected Areas Commission, coordinates the Institute for Nature and Society of Oaxaca, which he founded. The Institute has launched projects on soil conservation, community participation in land use planning, alternate technology and environmental education.